Why treat Dry Eye?

It is important to treat Dry Eye, even if the eye looks fairly normal – destruction of the tear glands will continue in untreated dogs. Dry Eye needs lifelong treatment to control the underlying disease process. Natural tears are essential for eye health and have many important functions which are lost in Dry Eye. Natural tears cannot be exactly reproduced outside the body.

Dry Eye is a painful condition and eventually leads to permanent blindness. If not treated correctly, Dry Eye can compromise your dog’s quality of life and affect their eyesight in the future.

An eye ointment containing cyclosporine (pronounced cy-clo-spor-ine; also written as ciclosporin and sometimes cyclosporin or cyclosporin A) is used to treat Dry Eye in dogs. Eye preparations containing cyclosporine treat the disease process in Dry Eye, increase natural tear production and make your dog’s eyes more comfortable.